In this section, we will go over how to install and run Artie Transfer.


There are three ways to install Transfer:

  1. Git clone the repo and run go build

  2. go get github.com/artie-labs/transfer inside of your Go project

Soon, we will use a release manager CI and also have it published alongside our Github project.

Available runtime flags

When running Transfer (as a binary or as a Go application), you can pass in the following flags:

  • -v or --verbose to have additional logging emitted from Transfer

  • -c or --config (see below) to specify the path of the configuration file.

What is a configuration file?

Transfer expects the configuration file to be in YAML format.

The configuration file is used to inform each Transfer deployment of the workload(s) required. Inside of the configuration file, we can specify things like:

  • Which Kafka server should Transfer connect to?

  • What is the format of the partition key?

  • What does the message format look like?

  • Which destination is it going to?

How do I specify the configuration file?

Whether you are running Transfer locally, using a Docker image or within your Kubernetes cluster. You can specify the configuration file by using the --config option.

Running this as a standalone binary (Docker / Kubernetes)

/transfer --config config.yaml

Running this as a Go project

go run main.go --config config.yaml


To see all the available settings, please click on the link below to continue.


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