In this section, we will go over how to gather your credentials and prepare your MongoDB server to start providing CDC logs.


We will be running Debezium to fetch CDC logs from MongoDB by using Change Streams which is a more performant and reliable approach than tailing the oplog.

MongoDB server must be in a replica set. If your deployment only has a standalone server, you can create a replica set with one member.

Need help? Check out this guide.

Settings required

NameDescriptionDefault value

Connection string

Click here to see how to retrieve this.



Username for authentication into your database.



Password for authentication into your database.


Authentication source

MongoDB authSource (which database should we authenticate against)


Creating a service account

You can either use the Atlas UI or use MongoDB CLI.

Option #1 - Atlas UI

  • Click on "Database Access" on the left

  • Click on "Add New Database User"

  • Under "Database User Privileges", open "Built-in Role" and Select "Only read any database"

Option #2 - Service account script

# If the user does not exist.
use admin;
    user: "robin1",
    pwd: "<password>",
    roles: ["readAnyDatabase", {
        role: "read",
        db: "local"

# If the user already exists
db.updateUser("robin1", {
    roles: ["readAnyDatabase", {
        role: "read",
        db: "local"

Connection string

  1. Go to Atlas UI

  2. Find your deployment and click "Connect"

We support both MongoDB SRV format or standard connection string.

Supported types

Artie supports every MongoDB data type 🙂

Running it yourself

Self-hosted notes:

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