Fixed IP Addresses

To ensure all of our services are able to connect to your data sources, please ensure you add Artie's IP addresses to your firewall's allowlist.

How is Artie deployed?

We leverage a split plane architecture:

  • Our control plane houses our API server.

  • Our data plane performs the actual data transfer.

When you add IPs, please add both the control plane and your data plane. Need help? Check out Which data plane is my account in?

Control Plane IP ranges (CIDR format)

Data Plane IP Ranges (CIDR format)

AWS US-East-1 (Default)

AWS US-West-2


Which data plane is my account in?

You can see which data plane you are in by going to and see Data Processing Location under Advanced Settings.

Why is there so many IPs?

We're sorry! When we first launched, we weren't able to secure a CIDR range. We have now worked this out with AWS and will be using CIDR ranges for the next data plane we set up.

I am hosted in another region

Get in touch with us either through our Slack or email. We'll be happy to set up another region.

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